SmartFlow Technologies
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SmartFlow Technologies is a provider of innovative open channel filtration and separation solutions including both complete systems and consumable filter modules. The company has a diverse product range of filtration solutions serving multiple growing regulated and non-regulated markets including Biopharmaceutical, Nutraceuticals, Chemical, Food, Water, Renewable Fuels, and Process Recovery markets.

SmartFlow Technologies began in 1989 as SRT, Inc. with the founding purpose of improving upon the traditional TFF cassette design. The cassette’s inherent design limitations include un-optimized flux rates, difficult cleaning , and nonlinear scaleability. The resulting Intellectual Property suite is comprised of 63 awarded patents and 10 applications that are patent pending.

The company’s solutions and products offer technological advantages that allow customers to achieve higher yields with lower costs in complex separation processes that are extremely difficult, and in some cases impossible, with traditional filtration products.