The OptiSep® 7000 is the perfect pilot plant / production module designed to match the downstream processing needs of 5L to 2000L. The OptiSep® 7000 holder is available with either a 1” TC low hold-up volume manifold or a 2” TC low pressure drop manifold. The low pressure drop 2” manifold provides the perfect cell harvesting format while the 1” manifold is the optimum design for dilute proteins requiring a low hold-up volume to achieve high concentration factors.

Incorporating the patented SmartFlow technology, OptiSep® filter modules offer improved fluid dynamics providing true linear scalability, optimized yields, decreased downstream process time, and lower costs.

OptiSep® filter modules are available in a broad range of membrane pore sizes and polymers making the OptiSep® 7000 an exceptional production module ideal for a broad spectrum of applications from cell harvest to buffer exchange for formulation. OptiSep® SmartFlow modules are the filtration technology that will meet your process requirements and deliver significant improvements to your downstream productivity.