As one of the industry’s leading innovators of filtration technology, SmartFlow Technologies has designed and built the PuroSep® Infinity to provide the most versatile system available for membrane filtration processes available today. This system has been designed with two pumps to support an infinite range of volumes and application. By providing a platform to perform basic membrane selection studies, use only one pump to model feed and bleed production schemes, and perform simultaneous MF and UF processes utilizing both pumps, the Infinity offers unparalleled capabilities for the development facility. Mounted on a mobile cart with a small footprint, the Infinity offers the utmost in flexibility, performance, and reliability on a small mobile platform. Regardless of your selection of a manual system or a fully automated control package, this system is the perfect choice for 2.0L process investigation or 500L production runs.

The design of this system emulates a full-scale production solution by utilizing high-end components, such as sanitary pumps, self-draining, 316L stainless steel fluid path components, and high-resolution instrumentation. Intuitive, easy to use automation packages allow for precise process control and accurate measurement of operating conditions and membrane performance to assist you when scaling up to production level or scaling down for process optimization studies.

The PuroSep® Infinity is delivered with multiple retentate loop configuration options. For lower hold up volumes, the mini tri-clamp fittings and OptiSep® 1000 filter holder are perfect. Utilizing the OptiSep® 11000 and the feed and bleed loop configuration is ideal for 250L fermentation harvests. In addition to SmartFlow Technoliges’ cutting edge, patented OptiSep® filter modules and holders, the Infinity will operate other filter module formats.

SmartFlow Technologies makes configuring the optimal system for your process easy by providing standard automation packages comprised of all required components to ensure the best solution possible. These packages include manual control (Manual), automated flow and TMP control (Manager Package), and fully automated control with recipe mode for complete walk away functionality (Controller Package). Integration with your existing SCADA or process network is also possible with these automation packages. In addition to the standard automation offerings, SmartFlow Technologies offers a host of additional hardware accessories to accommodate the most demanding process.

By incorporating the dual point level control, the functionality of controlling a third pump or second system is added. With this configuration, the liquid level within the PuroSep® Infinity tank would control an electrical outlet on the back of the system capable of activating an ancillary pump to add starting material or buffer to the tank as the process requires. This feature also adds the advanced capability of automating diafiltration processes or simultaneous processing with two or more systems. In addition to providing the most robust and technically superior process development solution, the Infinity is also backed by SmartFlow Technologies’ professionally trained applications and technical support staff.

When partnering with SmartFlow Technologies, you gain the advantage of decades of innovation and quality enhancements in both systems and filter modules. For a complete, high quality, turn-key solution, you can trust SmartFlow Technologies to deliver.

Recommended PuroSep® Infinity Volume Ranges
pump module volume
Diaphragm OPTISEP 1000 (0.45m2) 1L to 5L
Diaphragm OPTISEP 1000 (0.075m2) 1L to 10L
Diaphragm OPTISEP 3000 (0.10m2) 1L to 10L
Diaphragm or Lobe OPTISEP 3000 (0.19m2) 2L to 30L
Lobe OPTISEP 7000 (0.5m2) 5L to 50L
Diaphragm and Lobe OPTISEP 7000 (Feed & Bleed 0.9m2) 10L to 250L
Diaphragm and Lobe OPTISEP 11000 (Feed & Bleed 0.9m2) 15L to 250L
Diaphragm and Lobe OPTISEP 11000 (Feed & Bleed 2.4m2) 25L to 500L
Tank Multiple tanks available 2L Polysulfone 5L to 500L Stainless Steel Jacketed
Pump #1 4-Diaphragm Piston Pump
Pump Performance LPM at Pressure 16.6 LPM @ 0 psig (0 Bar) 15.0 LPM @ 90 psig (6 Bar)
Motor 0.5HP (0.373 kW)
Pump #2 Positive Displacement Rotary Lobe Pump
Pump Performance LPM at Pressure 200 LPM, 609 RPM @ 0 psig (0 Bar) 132 LPM, 609 RPM @ 30 psig (2 Bar)
Motor 0.5 HP (0.37 kW) motor for diaphragm pump 3 HP (2.2 kW) motor for rotary lobe pump
Flow Meter Magnetic, local and remote display on video recorder / 4-20 mA
Retentate Flow Path 316L SS, 15 Ra electro-polished (EP) ID, 32 Ra max OD / Sanitary, re-sealable silicone tubing
Filter Holders SmartFlow Technologies OPTISEP 1000 / OPTISEP 3000 / OPTISEP 7000 / OPTISEP 11000 hollow fiber, cassettes, ceramic, and spiral
Retentate Loop Size Low Hold Up Volume 3/4” Loop with OPTISEP 1000 1” Loop with OPTISEP 3000 2” Loop with OPTISEP 7000 / OPTISEP 11000
Optional Level Control Dual channel control for conductive liquids
Electrical Requirements 208 VAC, 15 amp, 3 phase, 60Hz OR 380 VAC, 10 amp, 3 phase, 50Hz
Dimensions Length: 52.8in. (134cm ) Width: 35.1in. (89cm) Height: 72.3in. (184cm) Weight: 700lbs. (318kg)
Number of Configurations and Uses Infinite