As one of the industry’s leading innovators of filtration technology, SmartFlow Technologies has designed and built the PuroSep® Lynx to provide a compact, economical, and easy to use solution offering unparalleled flexibility and performance at a value you cannot ignore. The Lynx is the perfect choice for process development optimization, membrane selection, and small scale production runs. The Lynx is designed for analytical methods involving isolating and concentrating products from varied sources, such as genetically modified organisms as well as naturally occurring fluids and homogenates.

The primary components of the Lynx are the 1 Liter polysulfone tank and diaphragm pump operating with either the OptiSep® 1000 or OptiSep® 3000 filter holder. This simple configuration makes the unit easy to set up, operate, clean, and maintain. Ultra low hold up volume is provided by the one half inch (12mm) retentate loop size and a self-draining vertically ported diaphragm pump. This flexibility makes the LYNX the ideal bench top system for your current and future project studies.

Tank 1L Polysulfone
PumpDiaphragm Piston Pump
Pump Performance LPM at Pressure8.7 LPM @ 30 psig 70 psig maximum
Motor1/8HP (0.9 kW)
Filter HolderOptiSep® 1000 and 3000
Retentate Loop Size0.5" (12 mm) Ultra low hold-up
Electrical Requirements115 VAC, 10 amp, 1 phase, 60Hz OR 220 VAC, 10 amp, 1 phase, 50 Hz.
DimensionsLength: 16in. (40cm )\nWidth: 11in. (28cm)\nHeight: 24 in. (60cm)\nWeight: 15 lbs. (7kg)