• Applications Development
  • Demonstration Systems
  • Systems Engineering
  • Automation
  • Inventory Management (Filter Replacement Reserve)
  • Applications Development - SmartFlow's application development laboratory works with your product to develop an optimum combination of filter module requirements and processing conditions. Starting with membrane trials under standard conditions, the laboratory identifies the correct membrane to use from our portfolio of membranes available to us. Once the membrane is selected, the group identifies the correct channel height to allow for the preferred shear development at the membrane surface while minimizing the cost of oversizing pumps and motors for the system. Next the group performs a matrix of processing conditions to determine the combination of recirculating flow rate, pressure, and temperature that delivers the best performance. Once the module configuration and processing characteristics are determined, the group performs run on run testing to verify efficient cleaning protocols and estimate the life of the filter module in use.

    Demonstration Systems - SmartFlow maintains a fleet of demonstration systems for our customers to verify the separation performance at the pilot scale. The fleet ranges from laboratory scale research systems to large scale pilot systems to meet your needs for process development or verification under actual plant conditions. Many customers choose to lease the systems for extended periods to maintain the benefits of the SmartFlow technology while we build their production systems.

    Systems Engineering - SmartFlow Technologies has over 25 years of systems design and construction experience. Whether we start with the data from the applications laboratory or data provided by the customer, we can design, build, and commission the system required. From simple manual control systems to fully automated controls with CIP, SIP, and recipe based operations, SmartFlow can transform your process development data into the system you require and ready for PQ validation.

    Automation - SmartFlow Technologies offers a variety of automation alternatives for both filtration and chromatography operations. Entry level automation filtration packages include PLC/HMI process control to a set point, either pressure or flow rate, data collection, process condition alarms with warn or stop functions, and data collection from the system sensors. Data export or report options are available. Fully automated systems feature validatable PLC/HMI systems from Allen Bradley or Siemens, full system control, recipe driven operations, user programmable operations, and secure data export.

    Chromatography systems offer isocratic or gradient elution operations.

    Filter Replacement Reserve - SmartFlow Technologies has developed a rapid response program to assure customers minimal process downtime should there be an unexpected event which causes the filters to need to be replaced. With standard lead times of 4-6 weeks, many customers cannot afford their filtration systems to be off line for this length of time. SmartFlow has developed the Filter Replacement Reserve program for these customers. The customer purchases a reserve set of filters to be held in process at the final manufacturing step. When needed, SmartFlow can complete the manufacturing process, integrity test the filters, and ship the replacement set within 24-48 hours. This process provides an added level of assurance to our customers while minimizing their on-site inventory.