The OptiSep® 11000 is the perfect production module designed to match the downstream processing needs of volumes from 25L to 2,000,000L. The OptiSep® 11000 is available with both a 3” and 4” TC connection for multiple full-scale production needs.

Incorporating the patented SmartFlow® technology, OptiSep® 11000 filter modules offer the improved fluid dynamics required for isolating products from high cell density fermentation applications, such as Pichia pastoris, Saccharomyces sp., and Escherichia coli lysates. Utilizing two OptiSep® 11000 modules simultaneously allows for the separation and recovery of cell-derived products in a single unit operation with maximum yield, minimal cost, and decreased processing time.

OptiSep® filter modules are available in a broad line of membrane pore sizes, polymers, and channel heights making the OptiSep® 11000 ideally suited for those looking to scale-up their process for a broad spectrum of applications from cell harvest to buffer exchange for formulation. OptiSep® SmartFlow modules are the filtration technology that will meet your process requirements and deliver significant improvements to your downstream productivity.