WORKS® system components

OPtimization Proceedure

The Optimization Procedure provides a detailed protocol and data collection instructions to optimize SmartFlow® TFF based separations. Systematic evaluations of membranes, process conditions, and sample make-up are featured.

Case Study

The Case Study provides examples of how others have applied the principles of the Optimization Procedure to their specific application.


Where appropriate, SmartFlow® has developed a simple protocol to address specific applications. Protocols provide exact instructions including membrane, pore size, filter area, and shear to achieve >90% yield in most cases. The protocol is not optimized for any individual product, but for classes of products like Mabs, phage, and whole cells. Designed to provide acceptable results for over 80% of those who try it, the protocol is an excellent way to jump start the improvement in your separation efficiency while you optimize the SmartFlow filter process.

Applications - WORKS

Concentration and Diafiltration of Viral Antigens
Concentration and Diafiltration of Whole Bacterial Cells
E Coli Lysate by Simultaneous Process
Inclusion Bodies
Isolation and Concentration of Small Molecules
Isolation of Bacterial Phage
Isolation of Proteins from Cell Lysate
Isolation of Secreted Protein by Continuous Cell Diafiltration
Isolation of Secreted Proteins from Mammalian Cell Culture
Purification of Bacterial Phage by Continuous Diafiltration
Purification of Secreted Viral Antigens from Cell Culture
Purification of Viral Antigens by Continuous Diafiltration
Separation of Secreted Proteins from Whole Cells Bacteria and Yeast
Simultaneous Isolation and Concentration Methodology
Ultrafiltration Concentration end Diafiltration