SmartFlow Technologies has developed a unique format TFF platform that is covered by a suite of over 30 patents and patents pending. The platform features open channel design, equal flow paths through the multiple channels in the modules, and the ability to incorporate virtually any flatsheet membrane within the modules. Our Applications development team will work with you to identify the membrane, channel height, membrane area, and processing parameters to achieve your separation objectives. From filter selection through complete system design and commissioning, we work with you so that you can quickly realize the benefits provided by SmartFlow® TFF.

  • Open Channel Design
  • Uniform Flow
  • Membrane Selection
  • Linear Scalability
  • Validation Support

Open Channel Design - SmartFlow's patented open channel design enables precise control of the fluid stream at the membrane surface. The ability to manage the fluid at the membrane surface produces higher flux rates. Without retentate screens solids don't get trapped in the filter. This improves the filter's ability to produce high solids concentrations, 60-70% wet weight concentrations are not uncommon and solids concentrations up to 90% have been achieved. The open channel format also improves the ability to clean the filter and provide long life in use. In addition to being able to concentrate solids to high levels, the open channel design enables whole cell concentration capability to a paste consistency.

Uniform Flow - SmartFlow's patented design incorporates the use of transverse inlet and outlet ports. With this orientation, the fluid path length is identical for each of the channels in the module. This results in even flow through the module and total utilization of the membrane surface. The even flow pattern eliminates dead spots or low flow areas inherent in other filter formats. The even flow pattern also improves filter cleaning and leads to longer filter life in use.

Membrane Selection - The improved performance achieved by SmartFlow modules result from the patented design. Because the fundamental technology is design based, SmartFlow can incorporate a very wide range of flat sheet membranes into their modules. We offer a very wide assortment of membrane in polymers including polysulfone, polyethersulfone, regenerated cellulose, polyamide, thin film composites based media. These polymers are available in microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, and reverse osmosis membrane architectures.

Linear Scalability - SmartFlow Technologies platform design provides linear scalability; the combination of uniform fluid flow and the consistent module design format from 0.0075 m2 through 10 m2 enable process developed at small scale to scaled to hundreds of meter installations without step changes in process parameters. The typical progression from process development to commissioning involves three steps: applications lab testing, pilot scale verification, final system design and commissioning. Applications lab testing determines the membrane, channel height, and processing parameters of flow, pressure, and temperature. Pilot scale testing utilizes our fleet of rental systems to verify operating performance on-site and for extended periods of time, from 1 to 6 months.

Validation Support - SmartFlow Technologies Validation Support begins at the systems design stage, incorporating lot traceability from system components to membrane modules. Traceability is confirmed during our standard Factory Aceptance Test, when the customer's personnel verify the system design, component traceability, and confirm performance to specifications for the system and the filter modules before they leave our plant. The system performance is confirmed at the customer's plant upon arrival and installation with the help of the SmartFlow Technologies team in our Site Acceptance Test. We provide further assistance by providing template IQ/OQ protocols for the customer to verify performance with their product.