SmartFlow Technologies White Papers

Isolation of Proteins from Fermentation Broth of high Cell Density with a new Cross Flow Filtration

P. pastoris and E. coli are commonly used hosts for recombinant product expression because of their ability to produce large quantities of recombinant protein quickly and economically. P. pastoris can express proteins with correct primary, secondary and tertiary structure and post-translational modifications such as glycolysation, proteolytic processing and disulfide bond formation. E. coli are readily transformed and can express large quantities of proteins quickly with correct primary structure in the soluble or insoluble forms. These attributes ensure that each host will remain central in recombinant protein expression of the future.

High Protein Concentration Case Study

Novel modules manufactured by SmartFlow Technologies alleviate this common process hurdle during albumin concentration. The patented design of the SmartFlow Technologies OPTISEP® modules utilizing SmartFlow® TFF promotes optimal permeate flux and eliminates fouling and clogging during UF processing.

Bacterial Cell Harvesting Case Study

SmartFlow Technologies has developed a method for the simultaneous processing of recombinant proteins using their novel OPTISEP® filter modules that can improve both processing time and yield.

Mammalian Cell Harvesting Case Study

Mammalian cells have long been a major producer of therapeutic protein in the biotechnology industry. As the batch sizes and titer of mammalian cell products have increased, the downstream processing of mammalian cell cultures has caused a bottleneck in the production of these proteins. One major step that has caused a problem with processing of mammalian cells is the cell harvest. Here, experiments are described that illustrate the superior yield and performance of using SmartFlow® TFF for the harvest of Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cells.

Overview of SmartFlow Tangential Flow Filtration

The performance limits of traditional cassette and hollow fiber TFF systems have recently been expanded with the introduction of SmartFlow® technology developed by NCSRT ( Modules incorporating SmartFlow (SF-TFF) technology feature a patented ribbed configuration. Uniform flow is created by the combination of discrete retentate channels within the module and diagonally opposed inlet and outlet ports in the holder. This design is also linearly scalable from the laboratory to full production systems without a drop in efficiency or yield.