As one of the industry’s leading innovators of filtration technology, SmartFlow Technologies has designed and built the PuroSep® Gemini to provide a robust production platform offering unparalleled versatility and performance. The Gemini's feed and bleed loop design with dual rotary lobe pumps provides the required recirculation velocity for larger membrane area applications without fear of pump cavitation due to the action of the feed pump. The Gemini can be configured to meet the largest production volumes and throughput requirements.

This unique design provides unparalleled quality and lifetime in a manufacturing suite by utilizing high-end components, such as sanitary pumps, 316L stainless steel fluid path components, and high-resolution instrumentation. Intuitive, easy to use automation packages allow for precise process control and accurate measurement of operating conditions and membrane performance to assist you in optimal process quality control. Equipped with the Validated Controller software, cGMP production is up and running from time of delivery to hundreds of batches, years later.

The PuroSep® Gemini is offered in several pre-engineered standard capacities with retentate loop sizes ranging from 1" to 6". For lower process volumes and dilute starting materials, the 1" retentate loop paired with the 1" OptiSep® 7000 filter holder is the perfect solution to low hold-up volume, high concentration factor applications. The larger 3", 4", and 6" systems can accommodate far larger starting volumes. SmartFlow Technologies’ multi-loop Gemini designs with OptiSep® 11000 filter modules process fermentation volumes in excess of 100,000L. In addition to SmartFlow Technologies’ cutting edge, patented OptiSep® filter modules and holders, the Gemini can operate other filter module formats such as hollow fiber, ceramics, and cassettes. This flexibility makes the PuroSep® Gemini the ideal manufacturing system.

SmartFlow Technologies makes configuring the optimal system for your process easy by providing standard automation packages comprised of all required components to ensure the best solution possible. These packages include manual control (Manual), automated flow and TMP control (Manager Package), and fully-automated control with recipe mode for complete walk away functionality (Controller Package). Integration with your existing SCADA or process network is also possible with these automation packages. In addition to the standard automation offerings, SmartFlow Technologies offers a host of additional hardware accessories to accommodate the most demanding process.

Tank Multiple Stainless Steel Jacketed Tanks available
Feed Pump Positive Displacement Rotary Lobe Pump per specification Capacities from 4 LPM to 250 LPM
Recirculation Pump Positive Displacement Rotary Lobe Pump per specification Capacities from 16 LPM to 3,600 LPM
Flow Meters Magnetic recirculation rate flow meter Mass flow meter for the permeate fluid Local and remote display on data acquisition video recorder
Retentate Flow Path 316L SS, 15 Ra electro-polished (EP) ID, 32 Ra max OD Sanitary, re-sealable silicone tubing for permeate fluid
Filter Holder OptiSep® 7000 / OptiSep® 11000 hollow fiber, cassettes, ceramic, and spiral housings and filtration elements
Retentate Loop Two pump Feed and Bleed
Electrical Requirements Typically 3 phase 50 Hz or 60 HZ per specification
Dimensions Length: 63in. (161cm )\nWidth: 39in. (99cm)\nHeight: 73in. (203cm)