OptiSep® 1000
the perfect laboratory module for all bench top filtration applications
OptiSep® 3000
Designed to match the downstream processing needs of 2 to 100L bioreactors or fermentors.
OptiSep® 7000
Designed to match the downstream processing needs of 5L to 2000L
OptiSep® 11000
Designed to match the downstream processing needs of volumes from 25L to 2,000,000L
PuroSep® Lynx
a compact, economical, and easy to use solution offering unparalleled flexibility and performance at a value
PuroSep® Pegasus
perfect choice for process development optimization, membrane selection, and small-scale production runs under cGMP conditions, designed to be compatible with separating and concentrating therapeutic molecules from genetically modified organisms.
PuroSep® Phoenix
this system emulates a full scale production solution by utilizing high end components such as a self draining, sanitary, positive displacement pump, 316L stainless steel fluid path components, high resolution instrumentation, and intuitive, easy to use automation packages
PuroSep® Infinity
the most versatile system available for membrane filtration processes available today. This system has been designed with two pumps to support an infinite range of volumes and application.
PuroSep® Gemini
The Gemini's feed and bleed loop design with dual rotary lobe pumps provides the required recirculation velocity for larger membrane area applications without fear of pump cavitation due to the action of the feed pump. The Gemini can be configured to meet the largest production volumes and throughput requirements.